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2009 Naish Old School

$579.00 — $619.00

$330.00 — $350.00

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2009 Naish Old School: Originally designed for long board surf-sailing, the Old School has also found favor with a new crop of riders seeking light weight, total luffability, and featherlight handling. Featuring high tech laminated materials, the Old School will outlast it’s dacron rivals, doesn’t absorb water, and delivers superior performance. What’s new: – Single Luff Panel: The Old School is developed around a single dacron luff panel for low internal tension in the sail. The result is a light feeling sail that goes 100% neutral during transitions yet easily inflates to make the most out of light wind. – Light weight staggered window: A new, larger window design uses heavier film in the high impact lower area, and lighter film higher up to reduce weight while increasing visibility. – All New Tack Fairing: This new design adds 360 degree protection at the base and an easy-to-use velcro closure while retaining the unique Naish ‘fold back’ feature for quick, uncomplicated rigging. – Parallel Radial Panel Layout: a second structural seam radiating from the batten above the boom smooths out the critical lower leech area and adds strength without increasing weight. – New Head Protector: In a continuing effort to make sure that every finish detail on Naish sails leads the industry, we have developed a new low profile head protector. Why buy the Naish Old School: – Real World Testing: All Naish sails are tested in a wide variety of conditions. The Old School is tested on both long boards and more traditional wave and freestyle shapes. – 100% X-Ply Construction: The Session uses 100% X-ply construction, which delivers maximum tear strength while actually being lighter than the heavy 175 and 188 micron films used in most wave sails – Durability and Build Quality: All Naish sails are built to exacting standards, with superior fit and finish plus a range of details that maximize durability, including front and back batten wear protectors, strong film clew patches that don’t absorb water, and beaded nylon chafe protection at the tack and foot. – Serious Engineering: Naish sails are not fashion toys – the overall product design is 100% performance driven, with unique radial panel layouts that put function first yet look great on the water.