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2011 Naish Torch

$1,229.00 — $1,749.00

$699.00 — $750.00

You save $530.00 — $999.00 (57% — 43%)!

Target: Designed for competition freestyle, power free riding and unhooked waveriding.

The Torch flies quickly through the air and will depower easily with a quick check of the board edge. The power is delivered smoothly, with depower similar to a bridled kite by virtue of the kite’s ability to fly fast. Hooked in or unhooked, the riding is effortless and precise. The position of the struts makes the kite stiffer in the air, for an even more precise handling.

C-kites continue to dominate the PKRA tour, and Kevin Langeree rules that arena with the 2011 Naish Torch. Rugged, predictable and reliable, no other C-Kite handles as good as the Naish Torch, which is why more top riders choose it over any other C-kite on the market.

Whether your goal is to win competitions, or just take your freestyle riding to the next level, enjoy a sports-car type free-ride kite, or power wave riding, the Naish Torch 2011 is your answer. Super smooth, easy handling, hooked-in, unhooked, impressive depower, and fantastic re-launch…

These characteristics allow riders of all levels to take advantage of the Naish Torch’s unsurpassed performance.

One glimpse, one ride, and you will never look at kiting the same again.

The Naish Torch 2011 uses patented design features including Power Foil Canopy. This increase performance at different levels and creates an amazing step forward in kite performance.

With the Naish Torch 2011, you will get a more steady, predictable power throughout the turns than ever before!