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2012 Neil Pryde Fly II

$577.00 — $672.00

$404.00 — $471.00

You save $173.00 — $201.00 (30%)!

The Fly2 is a light and soft wave sail perfectly suited to down-the-line wave sailors.  With a compact outline and a four-batten layout it provides great drive and stability with no excessive pressure on the back hand, giving the rider smooth control during manoeuvres. The Fly2 is the ideal sail for multi-fin boards.
FOUR BATTEN LAYOUT: for light weight and quick on/off power.
MODERATE TO FLAT PROFILE: allowing the sail to go to neutral easily when needed.
THE LOWEST ASPECT RATIO in the NeilPryde wave sail lineup: keeping the power low down in the sail where it can be controlled easily.
BOTTOM ORIENTED LUFF-CURVE: holding the draft forward and low in the sail for optimum control during manoeuvres.
Sporting a redesigned luff curve, The Fly2 is more neutral and stable than in previous years. With the power forward and low down, the sail can be controlled and the power turned on and off easily depending on rider input. High outhaul tension in the sail through the bottom-oriented luff curve further helps to stabilise the profile of the sail.