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2013 JP Super Sport

$1,803.00 — $2,150.00


GOLD – Gold Edition in ultra light Textreme Technology featuring a new “race deck” – 124 PRO – PRO Edition Technology featuring a new “race deck” – 100,112,124,136 FWS – Full Wood Sandwich Technology featuring a new “race deck” – 100,112,124,136


The Super Sport boards always delivered Slalom-like performance but they were much easier to ride. That’s why they received great feedback and won lots of tests over the last few years.

The new line consists of 4 new shapes combining shape features from the X-Cite Ride and Slalom board ranges to obtain the best of both worlds: To make them really fast, shaper Werner Gnigler used his detailed knowledge and experience from the latest slalom board development while the influence of his X-Cite Ride shapes grants that the power of the new Super Sports is accessible not only for World Cup professionals.


The overall length was reduced giving the boards a livelier feel. The boards still feature a very balanced volume distribution – an all essential feature to plane early and effortless.

Werner designed a new generation of race deck. The key factor of this feature is the raised deck in the foot strap area. The previous version worked great when riding in the straps but when moving on the board and in some jibing situations the uneven deck was not always ideal. The new version features this raised area but now has a rounder and constant deck curve in the strap area: The stance is comfortable and you’ll stay connected to the board at all times. The bottom is equipped with a double concave V in the front flowing into a flat V towards the tail, ending with slightly bigger cut-outs than on the boards from last season.

The concaves work like suspension when the board hits chop. The flat V supported by the tail cut-outs have the best and most efficient water release resulting in top speed on every course. Additionally, the cut-outs take some pressure off the tail and support the rider by keeping the board flat on the water in the strongest gusts. No need to strive for control – it is there!

The outline is kept rather parallel especially at the rear of the board resulting in a powerful stance with even pressure on both feet. Towards the front, the full rail radius creates buoyancy when not planing and balanced lift during carving maneuvers in which the board guides through the jibe on its rail.


The new Super Sports are faster than their predecessors.

It is easier to exploit their full performance potential. Standing relaxed on board, you can transfer all the sail power into the hull to accelerate more and more. It’s simple to stay in control when blasting back and forth as well as in the high speed carving jibes. Boards that are real fun and real fast.

Length cm / inch Width cm / inch Volume liters W. GOLD +/-6% W. PRO +/-6% W. FWS +/-6% Fins PB Shaper Sails
Super Sport 100 240 7’10″ 62 24.5″ 100 - 6.4 14.1 7.0 15.4 SUPER SPORT 35 Werner Gnigler ideal:5.0-6.7 rec.:4.7-7.2
Super Sport 112 245 8’0″ 67 26.5″ 112 - 6.8 15.0 7.5 16.5 SUPER SPORT 40 Werner Gnigler ideal:5.7-7.7 rec.:5.0-8.2
Super Sport 124 245 8’0″ 73 28.7″ 124 6.6 14.6 7.2 15.9 8.0 17.6 SUPER SPORT 45 Werner Gnigler ideal:6.7-8.2 rec.:6.2-9.0
Super Sport 136 245 8’0″ 80 31.5″ 136 - 7.7 17.0 8.5 18.7 SUPER SPORT 50 Werner Gnigler ideal:7.2-9.0 rec.:>6.7