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2012 Blaze

$655.00 — $775.00

$458.50 — $542.50

You save $196.50 — $232.50 (30%)!

Like the racing cousins, TR-8 and TR-8XT, the Blaze and Titan GS share family history. The lineage of both sails is carried through in the similar feel and excellent low end characteristics we aim for in this seven batten form. The best of the easy handling and softness is found in both sails, with the essential difference being the sleeve dimension and rigging style.

The graphic look exhibits the use of X-Ply materials in a striking recognizable pattern. Load focused attachments in the batten tensioner system maintain the trailing edge correctly tack to tack. Four tube/rod battens support general shape stability and light weight. The conical sleeve design never holds water and makes recovery and waterstarts easy.

Tough anti-chafe material protects the sleeve and tack area from damage. A deep cutout makes attaching the boom a breeze, especially when using the MauiSails™ custom boom head design. The integrated lightweight loop-on clew pulley adds a low friction solution to outhaul adjustment that is full race capable and easy to use.

The 2012 Blaze represents the ideal in easy handling Freerace characteristics, enjoyable power, and speed.