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2012 Titan GS

$675.00 — $860.00

$472.50 — $602.00

You save $202.50 — $258.50 (30%)!

The 2012 Titan-GS is totally new and ready to rig cams off. The perfect sail for fast free riding and Formula Experience racing, the Titan-GS now has the sleeve width necessary to be able to add extra pressure to the cams to stabilize draft, but the use of flexible material makes the rotation soft and easy. The desirable handling character and fluid maneuvering that is already well known will work well for Formula Experience racers who will find the new slightly flatter profile aloft matches perfectly with the deeper sections around the boom for acceleration and top speed control. Refined adjustments to leech seams react to only moderate downhaul that is necessary to get to the correct setting of the twist.

The increased use of X-Ply materials creates a striking, edgy look. The batten tensioner system perfectly smooths the trailing edge on both tacks evenly. Four tube/rod battens guarantee shape stability and light weight. The sleeve design still always drains water quickly and makes recovery and waterstarts after falls simple because it is only as large as necessary to rig cams off. Rotation is deceptively smooth while you jibe like an RAF, almost forgetting there are cams

Anti-chafe material protects the sleeve and tack area from damage and a deep boom cutout makes rigging the boom a breeze, especially when using the MauiSails custom carbon front end design. An integrated lightweight loop-on clew pulley is the low friction solution for full race capability with the use of adjustable outhaul.

The 2012 Titan-GS is the ideal sail for easy Freerace sailing, with manageable power and competition speed.