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2012 Naish Hokua



You save $700.00 (41%)!

Hokua 7’8″ / 7’3″ (Bamboo): These boards lead the pack for small beach break surf conditions. While classic SUP-friendly breaks allow the use of longer boards with more momentum, the 7’3’’ and 7’8″ target the short and steep beach breaks that are common in many areas.

Short, wide and curvy, they fit perfectly into small surf conditions, delivering great acceleration and tight turns. We recommend the 7’3″ for riders up to 175 lbs. and the 7’8’’ for heavier riders up to 200 lbs.

7’8″ x 29″ (115l)

7’3″ x 28.25″ (105l)

Hokua 8’0″ (Bamboo): The Hokua 8’0” has become the benchmark for progressive SUP waveriding and light riders. With this board, the next generation (led by World Champion Kai Lenny) is taking the sport to a whole new level.

8’0″ x 26 1/8″ (95l)

Hokua 9’0″ and 8’5″: Two boards with one common goal – to make the most out of every wave.

Both boards combine a single-concave in the nose with a double-concave center section, leading into an accelerated vee out the tail. The increased tail kick allows these shapes to release off the top effortlessly, while the center vee section keeps the boards loose rail to rail and easy to bottom turn. Unlike many other boards, the rocker of the 9’0’’ and 8’5’’ does not require you to shift body weight excessively front to rear, resulting in a shortboard-style ride.

Loose, fast and curvy, both boards can be ridden either as a thruster or quad.  With similar outlines and bottom shapes, simply choose the 9’0 or 8’5″ based on your skill level and weight.

9’0″ x 28.75″ (125l)

8’5″ x 28″ (115l)

The Hokua 9’5’’ is an extremely versatile shortboard-style SUP. With its fast rocker, it can be ridden with either a quad or thruster FCS fin setup. The wide nose and lower entry rocker combined with its hybrid outline and accelerated tail kick deliver an excellent balance of long and short boardriding styles.

Perfect for slower waves, people new to waveriding who don’t want to outgrow their board, and for riders looking for one waveboard that can do it all.

9’5″ x 29.5″ (140l)

10’8″ / 9’8″ Gun (Bamboo): Performance thruster gun shapes for big surf. These boards feature a wide point forward outline, narrow tails and single-concave bottom shapes with an accelerated vee out the tail, making them easy to control at high speeds.

Although designed for charging down the line and carving rail to rail, the progressive rocker and tail kick allows these boards to turn surprisingly loose and tight.

9’8″ x 27 1/8″ (130l)

10’8′” x 27.5″ (138l)

The Hokua 11’6” Gun is the ultimate SUP for seriously big surf. The single-concave entry with a slight double-concave midsection and v-tail, is combined with extra width in the nose area to help you drop in early.

The narrow pintail and single fin deliver the speed and control you need for going big. Surprisingly good fun in small surf and for flatwater touring.

11’6″ x 28.25″ (143l)