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2012 Naish Mana



You save $1,000.00 (50%)!

9’0″: The Mana 9’0” is for lighter riders in small surf, or heavier riders looking for increased flotation in a shorter board. The shape fuses a compact design with a wider platform, which offers incredible stability and easy maneuvering in the surf. Its exaggerated tail rocker and soft rails allow for smooth and snappy turns.
9’5″: Designed for bigger waveriders wanting added float and stability, without sacrificing performance in any size surf. It features an exaggerated tail rocker, single-concave bottom and soft rails, which make carving down the line and turning on a wave incredibly easy, regardless of rider ability.
10’0″: Designed for paddlers of any size in small surf. Its width and outline make it exceptionally stable, so riding small waves becomes unbelievably effortless to master. Its single-concave bottom shape and exaggerated tail rocker set the standard in terms of maneuverability. Surfing the Mana 10’0” is incredibly easy and fun, which is why this board has become a worldwide best seller.
10’0″ Soft Top: An entry-level board designed for flatwater and small surf. It features Naish’s soft top/slick bottom construction. The embossed deck area provides superb grip that is exceptionally skin friendly. The 3D rail protection is extremely resilient and protects the board from paddle and rock dings. The soft, slick bottom and flex fins provide safety to the rider and other people in the water.
10’5″ ASA: An extremely stable board designed for first-time paddlers of any weight and size. Its amplified width and deck outline make learning stand up paddling incredibly easy on flatwater. It also features ASA skin technology for outstanding durability, making it an ideal choice for beach resorts and rentals.