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2012 Neil Pryde Atlas

$656.00 — $1,042.00

$459.00 — $730.00

You save $197.00 — $312.00 (30%)!


Atlas gives power and stability with constant drive, allowing it to be used in a large wind range and variety of conditions. It gets planing quickly and has the best drive a wave sail can offer. Atlas is perfect for going upwind, pushing through breaking waves, lift for high jumps and accelerating quickly.KEY FEATURES:
DEEP PROFILE: extending higher up the sail body, generating power and upwind performance in onshore conditions.SURFACE TENSION: highest body tension of all NeilPryde waves sails for optimum response and direct drive.RIDER FOCUSED CENTRE OF EFFORT: perfectly balanced power to ensure stability, drive and the ability to depower when needed.PROGRESSIVE TWIST: allowing the sail to power up quickly in minimal wind conditions by holding some power in the head of the sail, while spilling any excessive pressure.WHAT’S NEW?
High surface tension stabilises the profile making Atlas a very responsive sail with a large wind range. Progressive twist will hold some mid leech tension for upwind performance and drive, while still being able to twist off and spill the excessive power when needed.