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2012 Neil Pryde Combat



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Combat is an all-round wave sail. It performs equally in all conditions – from huge, white water onshore to perfect cross-offshore winds and peeling waves. It combines versatility with performance. Combat is built extra tough for aggressive, hard-riding wave sailors who are looking for durability.
FULL ARMOURWEB construction for optimum durability.
MODERATE LUFF CURVE and shaping making the sail extremely versatile.
LOW ASPECT RATIO keeps the power low down where it can be controlled easily.
PROGRESSIVE LUFF CURVE: makes the sail tuneable to accommodate its versatility. The sail will always have a reasonable draft in the bottom, under minimal and maximum downhaul settings.
A little more draft in the bottom of the sail allows the sail to be more versatile, giving power when needed and allowing the sail to be used with a lower outhaul setting. Increased yarn thickness in the window panel creates greater rip resistance.