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2012 Neil Pryde Firefly

$654.00 — $692.00

$458.00 — $485.00

You save $196.00 — $207.00 (30%)!

Firefly is a light, powerful freestyle/wave sail with explosive acceleration. It will feel right at home in the waves bringing modern freestyle manoeuvres into the wave arena. From Air Chachos to E-Sliders this sail is aggressive and smooth at the same time.
MODERATE FLAT PROFILE keeping the sail neutral and light during manoeuvres.
SHORT BOOM LENGTH for optimum manoeuvrability.
HIGHER CLEW: for high-cut foot and to help position the sail during duck or stall maneuvers.
HIGHER DRAFT DISTRIBUTION helping to control the leech during duck or clew-first moves and to create more lift.
With the shorter boom and longer mast there is reduced roach. That, together with the higher draft in the sail creates a really stable leech and good power for amazing “pop” during jumps and great control during rotation. All with a small head to keep it feeling light.