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2013 Neil Pryde Hellcat

$730.00 — $739.00

$650.00 — $659.00

You save $80.00 (11%)!

Hellcat is a fast, powerful freerace sail without cams. It delivers an exhilarating combination of speed and acceleration in a lightweight, easy-to-rig package that planes effortlessly – minimum effort for maximum return. With its roots in the racing program, Hellcat gets going swiftly and moves rapidly.
PERFORMANCE BATTEN SYSTEM: the bottom two battens are rod battens and the rest tube battens for high-end stability and low-end power.
MODERATE TO FULL LUFF CURVE: good sail tension allows the sail to be stable and keeps the draft nicely locked in.
PRONOUNCED DYNAMIC COMPACT CLEW, helping the twist to be progressive and effective for optimum acceleration, control and top speed.
REDUCED SHAPING IN FOOT AREA to allow for easy rotation during transitions and smooth on/off power.
Hellcat now features a 6+1 batten layout. With this extra batten there is an increase in stability helping the Hellcat’s top end performance. The luff curve is more bottom-oriented to compensate for the reduced foot shaping and helps keep the shape forward for optimum acceleration. A pronounced Dynamic Compact Clew improves control and performance.