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2013 North Vegas

$1,459.00 — $1,999.00

$999.00 — $1,899.00

You save $100.00 — $460.00 (23% — 32%)!

The 2013 North Vegas Kite has a long heritage with North Kiteboarding. They have been constantly developing the 2013 North Vegas Kite to create the ultimate freestyle kite. While the 2013 North Vegas Kite is a freestyle machine they wanted it to be a little more than that. By tuning the 2013 North Vegas Kite you can create a few different set ups and allow it to suit different riding styles. On the front lines are two settings. The freestyle setting gives the rider more depower, more lift, precision kiteloops and very reactive steering. The wakestyle setting gives the rider more pop when unhooked, a longer power delay to allow easier handle passes and slightly less reactive steering so you can concentrate on the rails and kickers. The rear lines can be tuned to increase or decrease the turning speed of the 2013 North Vegas Kite to suit almost any rider.