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2013 North Spike

$689.95 — $1,269.95

$519.00 — $951.00

You save $170.95 — $318.95 (25%)!

-Light wind weapon
-Excellent upwind performance

The Spike is a light wind twin tip that takes advantage of a large, maximized planing surface to get you up and going when other twin tips can’t even get off the beach! Unmatched upwind ability and aggressive heel grip allows you to get going in the super light stuff, yet still maintain your edge as the wind picks up. The optimized flex and quick, lively feel still allow you to throw some big jumps and freestyle tricks despite being much larger than other freestyle twin tips. The Spike can also be used as an entry-level twin tip due to its large size and user-friendly nature.

163: Ultimate light wind performance, best upwind performance, really easy to ride. Get going before everyone else!

153: The 153 has slightly less low end than the 163 but being shorter means that you really can load it up to boost some proper jumps!

141: The 141 is a mix between a freestyle board and a light wind board. The board is the perfect match for all living at light wind or gusty locations who like to do lots more than just cruising.