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2014 Starboard Formula



The Formulas are Starboards Formula race boards

Formula racing is the modern format of windsurfing course-racing, which is a close cousin of sail-boat racing.
Formula racing starts in just 5 knots of wind, with no upper wind limit. Unlike a slalom course, a racing course requires maximum upwind performance and maximum downwind performance. Finally, Formula racing allows only one board to be used. These parameters are to become the key drivers of Formula board design.
First introduced in 1998, Starboards Formula was the first wide-style racing board. This truly turned the racing scene on its head, as no other board could beat its upwind, downwind and early-planing performance. By 2000, it dominated the racing scene by taking the Top 6 in the World Championships.
Throughout the decade, Starboards Formula continued to dominate, with 11 top positions in the 2006 World Championships. In 2007, Formula rules changed, requiring board designs to be frozen for two years. This year, one new design replaces the two Formulas of 2012/2013 for the new season 2014/2015.