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2013 F-One Trust

$1,250.00 — $1,730.00

$999.00 — $1,199.00

You save $251.00 — $531.00 (31% — 20%)!

The 2013 F-One Trust Kite was built and designed 100% for FREERIDE. For 2013 F-ONE presents the Bandit’s little brother. The goal was to offer riders of all levels a kite with complete power control, great stability, optimum relaunch, and intuitive feel. The 2013 F-One Trust Kite gives the rider a very smooth ride amazing control of his speed. Its main attribute being giving the rider easier control in his edging, it is living proof that a kite can also help significantly in absorbing chop and waves. Combined with its great upwind ability and exceptional stability in neutral positions, you will have complete confidence in the TRUST!! The kite is very predictable making the steering instinctive and very intuitive. With its direct steering, you will always know where the kite is in the sky  just as if it was part of your own body. The first time you fly the TRUST you will immediately be able to take advantage of the kites full potential