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2013 Naish Air Series



You save $100.00 (9%)!

The Naish ONE 12’6″ is the ultimate all-round board and perfect for flatwater adventures, cruising with friends, recreational and competitive racing. In a sport that is constantly progressing and where costs of competitive boards are in the thousands, the Naish ONE design concept offers a level playing field where costs are limited. The Naish ONE has the right length, width, and volume to be accessible, fun, and fast for paddlers of any ability or weight. This competition format lends itself to great youth, family, and performance racing in a predictable and fun social environment.

The 10’0″ Mana Air inflatable paddle board has substantial width and thickness for paddling comfort and stability. The progressive rocker provides turning performance and maneuverability for the surf. Now you don’t need a large vehicle or a lot of boat space to get in on the fun. You can store Naish Air boards almost anywhere and they are easy enough for anyone to inflate. Ideal for riders up to 240 lb (109 kg).

The 11’6″ Mana Air inflatable is hands down the most stable and rigid performance-oriented inflatable on the market. It features extra length, width and thickness for unmatched firmness and stability to accommodate any riders of any weight and any ability. Ideal for riders up to 280 lb (127 kg).

 shape for lighter riders wanting value and directional glide

The Smaller-scale 10’2″ Nalu Air has a narrower outline, thinner profile and progressive rocker line than the 11’0”, for lighter riders wanting directional glide and maneuverability in an all-around inflatable design. Ideal for riders up to 185 lb (84 kg).

The 11’0″ Nalu Air has a long, narrow outline and added thickness for paddling comfort and directional stability. The progressive rocker line provides longboard maneuverability for the surf and longboard wave riding. Ideal for riders up to 210 lb (95 kg).

The 10’6″ Alana is a smaller scale, wide style design for women wanting a stable, all around, easy to carry paddle board with added width for stability and ease of use. It features a progressive rocker line for maneuverability, and a thinner profile to make it easy to carry. The market’s best inflatable stand up paddleboard for women. It has an all around easy to ride design for paddlers of all skill levels. This inflatable is perfect for anyone with limited space, but an ambitious lifestyle.