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2013 North X_Type

$655.00 — $794.00

The new X_TYPE fascinates not only with top end performance but also during acceleration and planing due to the deep profile below the boom and the TT.TOP with active twist. Thanks to a pronounced CUTAWAY.CLEW the boom length is kept nice and short!

The forward draft location facilitates rig control and steering, and significantly contributes to what is an unusually high draft stability profile for a NoCam sail. Thanks to the PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION, all X_TYPE models feature batten numbers relevant to size and application, with Kai Hopf managing to perfect the 6.0 and 5.4 sizes with just 6 battens. This helps reduce weight and improves handling. What’s more all X_TYPE sizes can be used with a single 460 mast – one mast fits all!



  • NEW: Steeper top batten for more power and better twist, greater acceleration and wider wind range
  • iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective molded mast protector
  • Lower aspect ratio makes for increased acceleration after start and jibing
  • Increased durability through solid X.PLY foot construction
  • MINIMUM.MAST.CONCEPT: one mast (460-25) fits all sizes
  • 2 Year Warranty. Get an additional 3 years warranty: register here