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2013 Severne NCX Pro

$820.00 — $975.00

The test winning NCX incorporates blistering high speed, stability, immediate response and unrivaled acceleration totally uncharacteristic for a no-cam sail.

Built on the SEVERNE race sail platform with reduced aspect ratios, a more connected leech and higher skin tension, the NCX delivers accessible race sail performance without cams. The design emphasis is on an extremely balanced sail, with built in shock-absorbing properties, allowing the rider to maintain a comfortable stance through gusts and chop, and provide a huge wind range.

Race sail features such as the Stabilizor Panel, dropped clew and shaping to connect the head and leech of the sail define the ultimate performance. The fastest and most fun no cam sail today.

The NCX Pro is an upgrade version built on the same NCX platform, allowing freeride customers access to race sail features such as the REFLEX System and eM3 material technology.

Race sail performance without cams
Monofilm construction
Stable with a huge wind range

Available in:  6.5, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 9.0