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2013 Severne Turbo

$750.00 — $810.00

$638.00 — $689.00

You save $112.00 — $121.00 (15%)!

The Turbo is the most user-friendly cam sail. It combines low end power with light handling and blistering top speed with control.

It is based on our race sail platform with higher skin tension and pre tensioned leeches, increasing the low end power and top end control. The 2 cams stabilize the foil and provide pre set shaping for power and drive through gusts and lulls. By maintaining the drive forward in the sail, the TURBO promotes an upright stance which translates into a rig that is easier to sail faster.

The TURBO is designed to be the fastest and most comfortable Twin Cam sail ever. It uses our homogenous batten concept. The smaller sizes (6.0 – 7.0) feature 6 battens keeping the handling light and the swing weight low. The larger sizes (7.5 – 9.2) feature 7 battens for foil stability with the increased size.

Twin cam freeride
Powerful, locked-in feel with positive rotation
Lightweight and alive = FAST