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    • GO JOE "LEASHLESS" Board Leash

      GO JOE "LEASHLESS" Board Leash


      An alternative to the retractable board leash.

    • The Complete Kiteboarding DVD

      The Complete Kiteboarding DVD


      Kitefilm and Naish International present one of the best kiteboarding instructional DVD's ever. From rigging, to spins and tricks and riding waves. 4 hours of instruction!

    • Gath Gedi with Visor

      Gath Gedi with Visor

      from $119.00

      This helmet has more accessories than Barbie! Detachable visor and ear protectors, this helmet can cover all conditions along with protecting your noggin.

    • Naish Xeon

      Naish Xeon

      from $149.00

      After trying over 20 trainer kite brands, we've narrowed our list down to 3. The Naish Xeon does a great job of mimicking the flying characteristics of a larger kite.

    • Pure Girl Waist Edge

      Pure Girl Waist Edge


      Developed specifically for female kiters, the Pure Girl Kitewaist is a compact waist harness offering maximum mobility and support.

    • Xcel SLX

      Xcel SLX


      Overall a very warm suit and durable enough to be our rental fleet model

    • Xcel OS Zip

      Xcel OS Zip


      Set for high-performance with darn near zero flushing.

    • Prolimit Global

      Prolimit Global

      from $249.00

      Windsport specific. Prolimit Global wetsuit are the perfect combination of our latest neoprene technology and designs concepts, creating the ultimate all-round performance wetsuits.

    • 2013 Litewave Wing

      2013 Litewave Wing

      from $629.00

      Save 16%

      A light wind machine. A session saver! A twin-tip for when all else fails! Beats a directional board for upwind abilities in the lightest of conditions.

    • 2011 Ozone C4

      2011 Ozone C4


      Save 27%

      Freestyle/wave kite

    • Naish Kite Pro Seat

      Naish Kite Pro Seat


      One of the top selling kite seat harnesses, the Naish Pro Seat harness is gentle on your back and your wallet!

    • Naish Kite Balance Seat

      Naish Kite Balance Seat


      Great support, full mobility, outstanding price point.

    • PureGirl Pro Seat

      PureGirl Pro Seat


      Kite specific ladies seat harness with medium hook position. Developed and sized for maximum comfort on a woman's smaller frame and different body shape.

    • Prolimit PureGirl Global

      Prolimit PureGirl Global

      from $249.00

      The Prolimit Pure Girl 5/3 wetsuit is ideal for maximum durability and comfort without compromising cold water performance.