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    • Gath Gedi with Visor

      Gath Gedi with Visor

      from $119.00

      This helmet has more accessories than Barbie! Detachable visor and ear protectors, this helmet can cover all conditions along with protecting your noggin.

    • Captains Hook Knife

      Captains Hook Knife


      Extra protection for unexpected situations!

    • Kite Repair Tape

      Kite Repair Tape

      from $6.00

      Fixing a small tear is as easy as cut/paste with self adhesive tape.

    • Naish Deluxe Golf Roller Bag

      Naish Deluxe Golf Roller Bag


      The joke's on the airline, put your kite gear into this "golf bag" and have it travel with you for free.

    • Naish Xeon

      Naish Xeon

      from $149.00

      After trying over 20 trainer kite brands, we've narrowed our list down to 3. The Naish Xeon does a great job of mimicking the flying characteristics of a larger kite.

    • Pure Girl Waist Edge

      Pure Girl Waist Edge


      Developed specifically for female kiters, the Pure Girl Kitewaist is a compact waist harness offering maximum mobility and support.

    • Xcel SLX

      Xcel SLX


      Overall a very warm suit and durable enough to be our rental fleet model

    • Xcel OS Zip

      Xcel OS Zip


      Set for high-performance with darn near zero flushing.

    • Prolimit Global

      Prolimit Global

      from $249.00

      Windsport specific. Prolimit Global wetsuit are the perfect combination of our latest neoprene technology and designs concepts, creating the ultimate all-round performance wetsuits.

    • 2013 Litewave Wing

      2013 Litewave Wing

      from $629.00

      Save 16%

      A light wind machine. A session saver! A twin-tip for when all else fails! Beats a directional board for upwind abilities in the lightest of conditions.

    • 2011 Ozone C4

      2011 Ozone C4


      Save 27%

      Freestyle/wave kite

    • PureGirl Pro Seat

      PureGirl Pro Seat


      Kite specific ladies seat harness with medium hook position. Developed and sized for maximum comfort on a woman's smaller frame and different body shape.