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    • Xcel SLX

      Xcel SLX


      Overall a very warm suit and durable enough to be our rental fleet model

    • Xcel OS Zip

      Xcel OS Zip


      Set for high-performance with darn near zero flushing.

    • Litewave Wing

      Litewave Wing


      A light wind machine. A session saver! A twin-tip for when all else fails! Beats a directional board for upwind abilities in the lightest of conditions.

    • PureGirl Pro Seat

      PureGirl Pro Seat


      Kite specific ladies seat harness with medium hook position. Developed and sized for maximum comfort on a woman's smaller frame and different body shape.

    • Litewave Impact Vest


      The Slam Vest provide easy entry and an integrated harness bar tie down strap system that will help the vest from sliding up (and provide additional padding for your harnesses' spreader bar.

    • Prolimit Flotation Vest

      Prolimit Flotation Vest


      Ideal for most water sport activities including windsurfing and kiteboarding.

    • Gath Surf Convertible Helmet

      Gath Surf Convertible Helmet


      Minimal, durable, strong. Best fit for those going into surf, a compact helmet.

    • KiteFix Self-Adhesive Dacron

      KiteFix Self-Adhesive Dacron


      Our self-adhesive Dacron tape is ideal to reinforce a GluFix and FiberFix repair on the leading edge or struts of your kite.

    • KiteFix Mini-Kit

      KiteFix Mini-Kit


      The KiteFix Mini-kite is your economical alternative to the complete kit.

    • O'Neill Wetsuit Neoprene Cement

      O'Neill Wetsuit Neoprene Cement


      A must have in your arsenal of surfing equipment. Neoprene Cement from O'Neill is used to maintain and repair your neoprene products!

    • Xcel Drylock Hood w/Bill, Neck Dam 2mm

      Xcel Drylock Hood w/Bill, Neck Dam 2mm


      Full protection, soft lining, uber warm!

    • O'Neill 2mm Sport Cap

      O'Neill 2mm Sport Cap


      Warm, snug fit with full neck mobility

    • Prolimit Beanie

      Prolimit Beanie


      Great for cold conditions without the closed feeling of a full hood. There's also a little tag on the back so you can tie the beanie to your wetsuit zipper - that way it won't get lost when you wipe out.

    • Xcel Infinity 3mm Gloves

      Xcel Infinity 3mm Gloves


      Really warm and durable! Water-repellent. Dual level ThermoBamboo lining. Double glued & blindstitched Taitex sealed seams. Full gripper palm. Super Stretch back of hand. Tapered wrist. Reinforced stress points.

    • Xcel 1mm Reef Booties

      Xcel 1mm Reef Booties


      Our best selling bootie. Full protection with minimal bootie feel! Solid toe area support at the split toe section. Drain holes, velcro cinch across instep & back of the foot.

    • Xcel Xflex 3mm Booties

      Xcel Xflex 3mm Booties


      High top bootie for excellent strong protection & warmth