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    • KiteFix Replacement 9mm Inflate Valve

      KiteFix Replacement 9mm Inflate Valve


      A painless, easy to fix inflate valve replacement.

    • Kite Repair Tape

      Kite Repair Tape

      from $6.00

      Fixing a small tear is as easy as cut/paste with self adhesive tape.

    • Neorez Wetsuit Repair

      Neorez Wetsuit Repair


      Neo Rez wetsuit repair is fast curing, clear synthetic rubber, ideal for repairing neoprene. Dry in 20 minutes and usable in 2 hours. Totally waterproof, flexible and strong. 2.8 oz tube.

    • KiteFix Mini-Kit

      KiteFix Mini-Kit


      The KiteFix Mini-kite is your economical alternative to the complete kit.

    • KiteFix 11mm Replacement Deflation Valve

      KiteFix 11mm Replacement Deflation Valve


      Can’t reuse your existing dump valve? Replace it permanently with our 11mm deflation valve.

    • KiteFix Monster Bladder Patch

      KiteFix Monster Bladder Patch


      Blown out your leading edge, now what? Replacing the bladder can take a long time and is usually very expensive. Our MONSTER Bladder Patch was created to give you another option.

    • AirTime Valve Patch Kit

      AirTime Valve Patch Kit


      Hope is not lost! This easy stick on valve replacement will get you back out on the water.

    • KiteFix Self-Adhesive Dacron

      KiteFix Self-Adhesive Dacron


      Our self-adhesive Dacron tape is ideal to reinforce a GluFix and FiberFix repair on the leading edge or struts of your kite.

    • KiteFix Complete Kitesurf Repair Kit

      KiteFix Complete Kitesurf Repair Kit


      The ultimate in self repair components. The Fix Kit complete pack is a must have for those traveling to remote places.