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    • 2011 Naish Force

      2011 Naish Force


      Save 40%

      Naish's flagship wave sail - great bump and jump for larger sailors and power junkies

    • Xcel SLX

      Xcel SLX


      Overall a very warm suit and durable enough to be our rental fleet model

    • Xcel OS Zip

      Xcel OS Zip


      Set for high-performance with darn near zero flushing.

    • Prolimit Global

      Prolimit Global

      from $249.00

      Windsport specific. Prolimit Global wetsuit are the perfect combination of our latest neoprene technology and designs concepts, creating the ultimate all-round performance wetsuits.

    • 2010 Naish Boxer

      2010 Naish Boxer

      from $300.00

      Save 50%

      The ultimate compact, cutting edge wave and freestyle sail for new school windsurfers.

    • 2010 Naish Global Freeride

      2010 Naish Global Freeride


      Save 50%

      The Global is a sail friendly for all types of surfers that sticks with you for years for sailing.

    • Prolimit PureGirl Waist

      Prolimit PureGirl Waist


      The most comfortable windsurfing waist harness for women. Plush support, soft edges and a quick release system. A best seller

    • Dakine Wahine

      Dakine Wahine


      Women’s specific harness from Dakine. Fits both regular hook or Dakine roller bar.

    • Prolimit Rambler

      Prolimit Rambler


      This Medium-back, well padded harness with a quick release bar makes this one of our top selling windsurfing seat harnesses.

    • Prolimit PureGirl Global

      Prolimit PureGirl Global

      from $249.00

      The Prolimit Pure Girl 5/3 wetsuit is ideal for maximum durability and comfort without compromising cold water performance.

    • Maui Sails Carbon Boom

      Maui Sails Carbon Boom


      These are the highest standard carbon booms in the windsurfing industry today.

    • Hot Sails Maui Big Wave Mast

      Hot Sails Maui Big Wave Mast

      from $370.00

      Designed to maximize durability , quality and performance, the Hot Sails Big Waves are 92% prepreg carbons masts at a great price point.

    • Naish Firestick Mast

      Naish Firestick Mast

      from $499.00

      The Naish Firestick 100 & 85 are skinny, reduced-diameter wave mast, with either 100% or 85% carbon content.

    • Gath Surf Convertible Helmet

      Gath Surf Convertible Helmet


      Minimal, durable, strong. Best fit for those going into surf, a compact helmet.

    • McNett Wetsuit Shampoo

      McNett Wetsuit Shampoo


      McNett Wetsuit Shampoo is a complete, scientifically balanced maintenance system for all neoprene and watersports gear that prevents chlorine and salt damage, keeping gear looking and feeling new.