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2013 Rebel

$295.00 — $360.00

$250.75 — $306.00

You save $44.25 — $54.00 (15%)!

The Rebel is designed to enhance the developing skills and highly experimental nature of kids. By generating confidence because the sail is so calm and easy to handle, they will progress faster. The Rebel is an ideal choice for kids to grow in experience with windsurfing, because the Rebel will react and function more like the adult sails they will soon be using. It is for experienced youngsters who have mastered essential sail handling skills and are searching for the next level to extend their windsurfing experience.

There is a tighter skin tension with more stability, compared to the Inspire, to act more like adult sails. Rebel mast and sail specifications and development match the height and power requirements for kids weighing less than 50 kgs.

Sizes:  2.2, 2.7, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0