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Boardsports Voted “Best Surf Shop” for 2013!

Thank you to all of our loyal customers for voting for us in the San Francisco City Voter Best of the Bay List. We are very grateful to earn this award and strive to continually deliver top notch service, lessons, retail choices, and overall fun at our Boardsports Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, and Stand Up Paddle School & Shop. Visit our testimonials page for more details on our recent win :)


BEST Surf Shop

Spring has sprung, OPENING day in Alameda this weekend with great wind!

Rebecca and I headed over to Alameda on Saturday for some Spring cleaning and enjoyed a gorgeous, warm day. Temps were in the high 60s, and the consistent, gentle breeze beckoned me onto the water on the 14′ Naish Glide Sup and 5.5 Naish Session. I couldn’t quite bring myself to put on a full wetsuit (yes, Barbados and St. Lucia totally spoiled me this winter), so I opted for my 2mil top and shorts…and was plenty warm enough. I cruised around for a while, enjoying the relatively warm water for this time of year. The water was crystal clear as well…perfect for shallow water stand up paddling.

After enjoying my leisurely sail, I was happy to be surprised by our kite instructor Benjamin. He dropped in for a visit while in town, and it was just like the old days hanging out at “The Shack”.
Rebecca and I decided to open up officially on Sunday…as the forecast predicted good north west winds. We had a beginner windsurf renter come out. He almost got planing on the 12’6 Starboard SUP and 4.5 Hot Sails Maui sail…so once I saw him jamming along, I knew there was hope for some good wind. Around 3:30pm it picked up nicely, and before I knew it there were 25 kites on the water. Wind was averaging around 19 by 4:30pm…and later was gusting into the mid 20s.

Jesse headed out to teach our first Intro To Kiteboarding Clinic, and I pumped up my 12m Naish Cult and grabbed my 137 Nobile 555 board. Somehow I ended up putting my 3/2 wetsuit on (not knowing it wasn’t my 4/3) and realized it out on the water. I was actually warm enough…which is a miracle for this time of year. When the Tahoe snow starts to melt, I imagine the water will get chilly, but for now it’s blissfully warm for March.

All the usual suspects came out to grab the first great Spring winds. Arde was on his 19m Naish Raven all day and managed to hold it down. Tim was out riding on his 15m Naish Boxer, enjoying some solitude upwind by Ballena Isle. Sven, Tomomi, and Scott came out (Happy Birthday Scott!!!) to ride. Loud Mouth Charlie was out and was hoping his new puppy didn’t eat his car while he was on the water. Thor was out on his new 12m North Rebel (nice kite Thor!!). Kevin came out later and rode his 8m North Rebel and was powered enough. That made me feel silly for riding my 12m. I am just so used to a big kite!

All of us are happy to be back out on the water to greet the Spring winds. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that our good fortune continues.

Stellar wind in Alameda this weekend…and traveling to Crown Beach by Ferry

I went to Alameda by ferry yesterday, cruising down Nob Hill on one of our new Ultramotor Electric A2B Bicycles. The whole SF to Alameda bike/ferry trip takes about 35 minutes.

We are now a dealer of these cool electric bikes. Come by or call us for a free demo ride anytime.

I am totally addicted to riding around town on them. They go up to 20mph, have a range of 20 miles on one charge, and can fully charge (by basic power outlet) in 3 hours. You can pedal while you motor, gaining great speed and getting everywhere in a flash. They are technically a bicycle, so NO registration or motorcycle license is required, and you can take them on Bart and all the local ferries. Saturday Marie and I cruised down to Coyote by Bart and bike and I had so much fun that I decided with the Bay Bridge closed for the weekend, this was the most elegant option for getting to Alameda on Sunday.

The ferry leaves from the Ferry Building in SF, and drops off right by Rosenblum Winery in Alameda. From the winery, it’s about a 6 minute pedal to the shack.

It’s a gorgeous ferry ride and it was a beautiful day to travel by boat.

I got a nice view of the Bay Bridge Construction Project.

Alameda was warm and mellow when I arrived at the shack. Around 2:30pm, the wind came up nicely, blowing a steady 18+.

Arde was overpowered (I mean totally lit!) on his 19m Raven. I went out on the 10.5 Cult and had a blast. We have just received our 2010 kites so if you would like to demo the new Cult, give us a call. It is sweet!
The beach was less crowded than usual, with lots of people out of town for Labor Day Weekend.

On my return trip to SF, the Bay was lit up by an almost full moon.
What a nice way to spend the day, and a what a relaxing, fun way to travel the Bay. Thanks to the wind Gods for a very nice windy September weekend in Alameda!


Hot Sunny Weather for the Crissy Swap and SUPing at Half Moon Bay

The weather was GORGEOUS on Saturday for this season’s annual SWAP MEET at Crissy Field in San Francisco. The swap meet was packed! Many people commented that it was the busiest swap they had seen in years. Lots of people were buying and selling their used gear. I had fun socializing with everyone and checking out the gear.

Abigail (one of our Crissy team riders) helped me to promote our school and shop by passing out brochures and showing off our new ’09 Naish SUP boards. They got a lot of ooos and aaahs with their irresistibly beautiful wood veneer construction.

I also brought our newly arrived Powerex Sean Ordonez 100% Carbon SUP paddles. Here is what Lightning Bolt Maui said about the SO Powerex carbon paddle on a recent forum post:

“In my eyes, the Powerex paddle is the best built paddle out there. I have been testing them for about 10 months now. I find the paddle to be my favorite paddle to date. I have left all my other paddles for this paddle. The paddle is very light yet very strong. Cort the manufacturer stated on a video if you break this paddle he will buy it back unless there are tire tracks across it. Thats a great warranty. I have been testing the hell out of this paddle, surfing big waves and doing down winders and letting beginners beat it up also. The paddle is stiff but flexes enough for my liking. The blade is bigger then most blades but it is not so big that you feel it right away… fast and powerful. Enters the water and exits well and plenty of torque.”

Watch The Video of Cort Larned’s overview of the new Powerex 100% Carbon Paddle and how strong it is. We have them in stock and they retail for $349.

With hot sunny weather and no wind all weekend, I also got a chance to join Kathryn Martin and her husband Jeff on a surf adventure south of the bay. Our kite instructor Mike joined me on the road trip, and we all headed to Half Moon Bay. The surf break south of Half Moon Bay Harbor is one of the coldest spots on the coast, as the tides are strong and upwell some mightly chilly h20. I am spoiled with some of the warmest water in the bay at Alameda and San Mateo (right now about 63 degrees), but I figured my 4/3 Xcel wetsuit would do the trick. We entered into the 48 degree water unknowingly (and without booties), and our eye balls almost popped out upon the sensation of ice cold water enveloping our vulnerable bare feet. Kathryn (apparently some type of alien in terms of cold water tolerance) was only wearing a 1 mil shortie, and doing just fine! She is my new cold water heroine…her bravery was quite impressive.
Paddling around helped warm me up. Before I new it, I caught a great big (for me as a novice at surfing) 3 foot wave! I shot down the face and was excited to feel the smooth glide of the board under my feet. Closer to shore, I managed to fall into the white water for a cold water full body plunge. By some miracle, the freezing cold water was not as bad as I thought it would be through my warm wetsuit. With the adrenaline rushing through my veins, cold water was no bother to me now, and with wet hair, now I could actually see where I was going.

After about an hour of paddling into the waves, we decided it was “beer thirty”. We drove to the nearby Half Moon Bay Brewing Company to take in the warm glow of the sun and some much needed salty Cazadores margaritas. This is an ideal place to stop for apres surf. They have great food, great drinks, and dogs are allowed on the patio (Zoe was psyched!).

Mike and I decided that the next time we go, we’ll have to hit a warmer spot (any spot is warmer than this one)… perhaps Pacifica, Bolinas, or Maui! Until then, I will savor my big 3 foot wave.


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