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2011 Naish Force

Naish's flagship wave sail - great bump and jump for larger sailors and power junkies



You save $299.00 (55%)!

The Naish Force is our flagship wavesail. The design objective of Robby’s personal ride is to deliver maximum performance in ALL conditions. The result sets the standard for power wave sails both in performance and Ultralight construction technology (confirmed by Boardsports testers as a shockingly lightweight sail!)

Designed with moderate aspect ratio and a powerful shape defined by twin scrim luff panels, the Force delivers even pressure to both hands and works equally well in both offshore and onshore conditions.  The power on tap also makes it an excellent bump and jump sail, and the finish reflects Naish’s commitment to excellence. The test-winning Force is the ideal choice for power junkies and heavier riders.

Ultralight Surf
Onshore, sideshore and offshore wave, bump and jump for power junkies and heavier riders
Power, draft back, solid feel
Twin scrim luff panels, moderate aspect ratio, 5 battens(3.0 and 3.4 have 4 battens)