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2011 Naish Hokua

$999.00 — $1,099.00


The Naish Hokua 7’3” is the perfect board for riders who enjoy beach break surf conditions. This board excels in less user friendly beach breaks, where long boards fail to deliver optimal performance. The Hokua 7’3” is built using a Sandwich Wood technology which makes it responsive and light. This technology is based on an EPS core complemented by Wood Sandwich and Glass layers. The shorter outline of the board makes it easy to maneuver and fit into pockets. It also allows the rider to perform sharper turns. The special tail design increased turning performance and turning control.

The board is quite fast and accelerates quickly. It is fitted for a lighter, experienced rider. Less experienced riders might find it too snappy. The Naish Hokua 7’3” can be used with quad or thruster fin setup, depending on the rider’s choice. This is one of Lai Lenny’s favorite boards, as he says: “Quick turn around, late thumping beach break take offs and long tail slides – this is skate-style stand-up at its finest.”


The Hokua series of SUP boards introduced by Naish in 2011combine the shortboard surfing characteristics with the high performance of modern SUP design in order to suit dynamic riders. If you like to pump down the line or perform tail slides and fast carving turns, these boards are perfect for you. The Naish Hokua 8’0” is especially designed for groms, girls and light riders.

This is an agile and fast board, suited for progressive riders. The board excels when it comes to wave riding and surf. The compact shape makes it easy to maneuver and fit into pockets. It has a special bottom shape which makes it stable and fast to glide. The rocker provides quick acceleration and optimal control at all times. The rounded tail generates cool turns and an excellent release. The board is equipped with a thruster fin setup for extra grip and better turning control.

The Naish Hokua 8’0” looks like a surfboard, but it is a true blood SUP board. It can tackle most waves and moves faster and faster with each stroke of the paddle. The board is built using a Sandwich Wood technology. This technology is based on an EPS core wrapped in Sandwich Wood and Glass layups. It creates a responsive and light structure. Bernd Roediger  about the Hokua 8’0”: “As a light rider I need a proportionally small board, which is exactly what the Hokua 8’0’’ offers for myself or any other lightweights, as well as for girls.”


If you are the type of SUP rider who likes a good challenge and seeks a big surf adventure, than you need a reliable and powerful board. You need one of the Hokua boards crafted by Naish. These boards provide extensive performance when it comes to pumping down the line or performing big carving turns or tail slides. The Naish Hokua 9’8” Gun is optimized for big wave performance.

It has a special Gun shape which makes it quick and fast and allows the rider to tackle bigger waves without problems. The board also features a single concave bottom design which assures a fast and smooth glide and an increased V in the tail for better control at high speeds. At the same time, the increased tail kick allows the rider to perform tight and loose turns. The board uses a thruster fin setup which further optimizes turning performance. Naish has crafted the Hokua 9’8” Gun using a Wood Sandwich technology.

The board is built using an EPS core plus Glass and Wood sandwich layers. This construction creates a light and responsive structure. The Naish Hokua 9’8” Gun is one of Kai Lenny’s favorite boards: “The 9’8” was key to winning at the Sunset Beach contest. It holds great in the pit – loads of speed and early take offs are key to winning in big surf. Compared to most gun shapes it also allows for sick turns.”