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2011 Naish Rally

No cam powerhouse freeride sail!



You save $259.00 (54%)!

The ultimate in versatility. From 7.9 down to 6.4, the Rally is the absolute best no-cam freeride sail on the market – a direct descendant of the legendary, test-winning Sprint.

From 6.0 to 4.0, we’ve tweaked the geometry to deliver freeride speed and early planing on an outline that is ideal for freestyle and even wavesailing, while the 4.6 down to 2.6 are optimized for beginners and smaller riders. Finally, the very smallest sizes – 1.8 and 1.0 – are ideal trainer sails for small children. With an outline refined over years of development, a single scrim luff panel that makes it responsive and powerful in light winds, and a new internal shaping technology that has extended the wind range at the top end, the Rally delivers a winning combination of performance, easy handling and durability.

It is an ideal choice for freemove/freeride sailors of all sizes and skill levels.

Double click second image for sail specs.

Effortless freemove/freeride/slalom
Early planing, easy handling, fast
Single scrim luff panel, narrow sleeve, evolving batten geometry