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2012 JP Thruster FWS



You save $830.00 (42%)!


Developed between Werner Gnigler, Robby Swift and Ricardo Campello. Versatile designs which feel at home in all conditions – from bump & jump to side shore wave sailing. The trim/fin options give you the opportunity to achieve that perfect set-up for the day ahead.

The three fin set-up, transforms the performance oriented shapes into loose, responsive wave boards with lots of control.

Use them with 2cm bigger single fins (without sidefins) and feel the transition into super fast wave rockets – ideal for onshore and bump & jump conditions.


Early planing and very fast designs. They come with compact dimensions to also deliver radical wave action. Their shortness and the fact that the widest point is at the center of gravity results in very stable and balanced boards in none planing conditions and when crossing the white water.

Their overall width and rather wide tails make them accelerate fast, drive well upwind and shred tight turns in smaller waves.

When approaching the lip you can easily tighten the turn with back foot pressure. The further back rear strap creates a wider stance, allowing more radical turns without losing speed.

For great performance in down-the-line conditions, up to around three meter faces, we kept the outline relatively straight around the front straps, generating more speed in longer bottom turns. This straight outline cruises through the chop with max control.

The ergonomic deck shape provides a comfortable stance and responsive rail changing.

The double concave bottom between the foot straps allows a rather flat bottom curve within the concaves while we still have a lot of bottom curve in the rails. This delivers instant acceleration, high speed and incredible maneuverability.


Probably the most versatile wave boards available.

The fin set-ups (single fin or thruster) allow you to adjust their range of use from fast bump & jump single fin sailing where you can push the board to max speed in a traditional sailing style to unbelievable waveriding in all kind of wave conditions.

Those who still enjoy the feel of a single fin wave board will enjoy them as well.

Single Thruster 92 228 7’6″ 60 23.6″ 92 6.3 13.9 Wave 22 (US) 2x Side Fin 10 (MT) Werner Gnigler ideal: 5.0-6.0 rec.: 4.4-6.2
Single Thruster 99 234 7’8″ 62 24.4″ 99 6.6 14.6 Wave 23  (US) 2x Side Fin 10 (MT) Werner Gnigler ideal: 5.2-6.2 rec.: <4.7-6.5