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2014 Starboard UltraSonic

$2,499.00 — $2,699.00

The UltraSonic is Starboard’s lightwind specialist

In the iSonic family, it is designed to bring high levels of light-wind performance to the masses. It’s easy, it’s fast and it’s really fun.
The 2014 UltraSonic keeps its shape with all the iSonic technology: double wingers, side cuts, extended cutaways in the tail, heel extensions to maintain a comfortable back foot position and the ultra-efficient, fast rockerline.

Ultra planing

With a width that stretches beyond the PWA’s official limit, the UltraSonic is more efficient at creating planing lift, releasing itself from the water in the lightest of breezes to become the world’s earliest-planing and easiest slalom board.
Unlike Formula boards that are designed to go upwind and downwind, the UltraSonic is comfortable reaching in and out at maximum speeds. Start planing on an UltraSonic and workyour way effortlessly through lulls – it transforms the idea of light-wind windsurfing.

The UltraSonic design starts from the iSonic base and adds some extra width and loses more thickness. The nose of the UltraSonic is then lengthened to make the board smoother to get planing. Tacking, jibing and getting going becomes easier, more stable and more accessible.

The rail shapes under the footstraps are more comfortable and less boxy than the iSonics. This makes the board more comfortable, the straps are easier to get into and there is less burning-power in your back-thigh when fully powered.

Harder rail edges in the tail increases top speed, enables quicker acceleration in gusts, improves earlier planing and improves the board’s ability to maintain top speed in lulls.

Very deep deck concaves maximizes control by having the pivot point between sail and board kept low. The center of gravity of the board is also lowered further to minimize undesired swing weight. The very deep deck concave also break the aerodynamic suction effect that often lifts the nose out of control in high winds.