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2013 Fanatic Freewave



You save $530.00 (27%)!

Shaper Sebastian Wenzel’s perfected a range of smooth-sailing compact styles, now upgraded with thruster fin setups for extra wave performance! The optimum blend of speed and carving, slashing and sliding make these our most versatile shapes. Tucked rails, rounded noses, and an ingenious CAD-created rocker line unlock the secrets of early-planing, control and top end.

For 2013 we’re offering 3 constructions. The Custom Wood Sandwich Light version, still in classic single fin mode, remains the benchmark in durability and all-round FreeWave fun. And a switch from Kevlar to lighter, stiffer, more UV-resistant Innegra Carbon Light for the Team Edition (TE) gives extra value and strength. The leading ultra-light, stunning carbon graphic Oxeon models are also enhanced with Innegra Carbon decks for the ultimate finish, weight reduction, stiffness and impact resistance.

Starting in 75 litre and also in 85, 95, 105 and 115 sizes the smaller models excel in surf and high winds, while the larger styles focus more on low-end, freestyle and blasting performance, yet are versatile enough for waveriding too. The TE and TeXtreme® versions are truly convertible shapes supplied with 2 SlotBoxes and one Powerbox for easy adaption to suit the conditions – all with exclusive Maui Fin Company G10 thruster fins. (SlotBox covers are also supplied for efficient singlefin cruising). The TE also comes in singlefin Powerbox model in 115. All sizes are available in Custom Wood Sandwich light in Powerbox singlefin only with US box singlefin on 75l version.

Key Features:

  • Tri-Fin convertible setups on TE/TeXtreme® sizes for extra wave performance (115 single fin)
  • Modern short round-nosed shapes for balance, acceleration and easy riding
  • Wide point forward of centre to 70° pintail
  • High entry rocker, short flat section and optimum tail kick for control and speed
  • Enhanced TE and TeXtreme® constructions with superior Innegra Weave replacing Kevlar layups
  • Original Maui Fin Company G10 Thruster fins for ultimate quality