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2013 Hucker

$599.00 — $669.00

$400.00 — $450.00

You save $199.00 — $219.00 (32% — 33%)!

Power, acceleration and speed are at the core of windsurfing’s attraction and are the primal hooks that got us windsurfing.  This is Hucker windsurfing.  Its go fast, turn hard, jump high, powered riding.  It is air surfing the wind flow, with a board at your feet, locked and loaded.

The design criteria focuses on power and stability at speed, with a particular emphasis on extended hang-time when airborne.  Taller, heavier riders revel in the thick, juicy power-band that lets them run size-for-size with their lightweight buddies.  Smaller, lighter rider will dig the power and range they can exploit while riding the smallest sail on the beach.

Each size is uniquely badged with its own distinctive graphic.  Hucker, there’s no sail like it on or off the water!