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2013 North Red Grom Boom

$179.00 — $187.00

So far dedicated young guns had a really hard time. Either the kids or juniors had to struggle on a soft, lowquality kiddy boom or to fight with dads “thick” adult boom. Since we want to promote talents and their potential, together with the NorthSails Grom team our engineers have developed a highly specialized high-end boom for kids and teens.

The result is an ergonomically sophisticated, high-quality aluminum boom featuring the ultra modern PROGRESSIVE.BENDCURVE that has been adapted exactly to the physics of the kids and is technically equal to a full-fledged adult boom. Front- and tail ends pieces are not cheap makeshifts, but technically sophisticated high-end products. To cover the widest possible sail range it the new RED GROM comes in two lengths, 90 to 120 cm and 120 to 170cm.