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2013 NX Series

$959.00 — $1,019.00

$767.00 — $815.00

You save $192.00 — $204.00 (20%)!

NX is Sailwork’s competitive speed rig.  Its a purebred cambered race sail with an active race-winning legacy.  The NX designs are our most sophisticated sails: they are cambered, they have higher rig tension, and they deliver premium power, efficient windward penetration, and slippery top speed — all with precise feedback and rider control. They feature a deep, powerful, locked-in draft section down low and a reactive, free-twisting leech profile that delivers wicked acceleration and tight top end speed control.

The NX is solid, its sleek, it’s about never being under-powered and always being in control.  It’s precise, it’s reliable, and it’s really, really FAST.