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2013 Severne S-1



You save $201.00 (25%)!

More Tech. Less Weight.

On the cutting edge of sail design, the S-I is light and maneuverable.

Tighter skin tension and instant response allows the rider to perform new school wave tricks with precision accuracy. All sizes are 3kgs or less, a considerable advantage over the competition.

The original S-1 was conceived as a compact, manoeuvre-oriented wave sail. Back in the day, compact meant all sails fitting on a 400 mast. Times have moved on and the latest evolution of the S-1 is a lot more compact, with most sizes fitting on a 370 mast. By using a shorter, lighter mast overall rig weight is reduced, in keeping with the S-1 philosophy.

The most visible change on the 013 S-1 is the 4-batten layout. The S-1 has used 4 battens in the smaller sizes a few times during its evolution when we were looking at softening the feel. But this time it’s every size that uses 4 battens for a new, softer, more manageable feel in every size.

Durability updates include the introduction of SpiderFibre, upgraded Aramid Torsion Frame, less seams and elimination of all aesthetic mark cloth.

Maneuver Oriented Design
Technical + Ultra Light