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2013 Starboard Pro

$1,815.00 — $2,991.00

$1,543.00 — $2,542.00

You save $272.00 — $449.00 (15%)!

“Sean Poynter signature model”The board that Sean is using to devastating effect on the Stand-Up World Tour. Sean’s vertical backside Attack saw him through to the final and victory in Tahiti. Commentators were in disbelief that he had stock equipment under his feet.

Flatter deck’s finer rails and faster rockers, and a slight pulling of the outline between the feet, have further enhanced this board. It’s going to be exciting to see where Sean takes it from here.

“Continuous mono-concave”


“Connor Baxter signature model”The popular characteristics have been further enhanced, with small changes that make a big difference. One alteration was flattening the deck which greatly improved the board’s stability as well as its ability to hold speed on the rail in larger surf. This was also enhanced with thinner rails throughout its length.

Another was a small outline change, providing a little more curve between the feet which enhanced responsiveness. A third tweak was the flattening of the rocker between the feet to increase acceleration and speed.

All of this on a board which was already much-loved for its radical all-round ability in any conditions. A true slayer.

“Continuous mono-concave”