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2014 Airush Lithium

$799.00 — $999.00

After winning numerous magazines tests and extremely positive feedback from our Airush customers, the 2013 Airush Lithium was going to be a challenge to make better. Staying as the front-runner in all-terrain kites, the Lithium is focused on being the do-all kite for the everyday rider. Due to its wing tip and strut positioning, the Lithium has a direct and agile feel through the turns, essential for wave and freeriding. The sweep of the Delta Hybrid design of the wingtips guarantees a hassle free and quick relaunch. The Lithium is ideal for riders looking to do a bit of everything, whether it’s your first day, cruising, freestyle or riding waves!


Lithium One (16m Only)

The ultimate lightwind freeride kite, using the innovative One strut technology, the Lithium One 16m utilizes the weight saving concept to create a whole new Lithium 16m for 2013, devoted to extremely light wind conditions. The drastic reduction in weight improves the relaunch, turning and stability, which are essential focuses of lightwind riding


Lithium Zero (18m Only)

The Lithium Zero 18 is a must for lightwind freeriding.  We started this design along side the Airush One around 2008-2009 and the most important thing that we noticed was the power to weight ratio.  The Kite is extremely nibble and easy to manoeuvre in such lightwinds making it perfect for everyday riders want to go out in 6-12 knots.  Before Lightwind kites were all about high aspect for racing, extremely high upwind angles and purely performance – the technology and weight saving properties of the Lithium Zero 18m makes such lightwind riding possible and enjoyable for your everyday freerider.