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2014 F-ONE Bandit

$1,239.00 — $2,009.00

$991.20 — $1,607.20

You save $247.80 — $401.80 (20%)!

We are proud to present the new BANDIT.  We have outmatched it once again and we believe you will be blown away.
I could just tell you that the new BANDIT keeps its legendary power with an improved depower , with a high end control and comfort yet unheard of,  an exceptional bar feeling with ultra direct steering, an impressive hang time and flight capacity, as well as many different qualities that will transfer well into your favorite discipline.
YET what will strike you the most is the new feeling to be in direct connection with your kite, as if you were steering it directly from your hands. You will feel more confident just like if you had suddenly reached a pro level. The whole kite profile is more stable, all parasitic movements have been cleaned off and all your sensations are much clearer.