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2014 North Entity Combo


Every foot is different. Taking this into consideration the Entity, an ergonomically shaped footpad sets new standards in the evolution of kite sports. The Entity offers a variety of settings to perfectly fit on each foot, in addition it is quick and easy to mount and even looks damn good on your feet!

The NTT ContactPad consists of the time-tested EVA footpad and the NTT ContactFrame. The Footbed is ergonomically shaped and perfectly combines fit, control and comfort. The Footpad is enveloped by the ContactFrame, which reliably transfers the forces directly to the board. The direct contact between Contactpad and board enhances the board feeling.

The ContactFrame is the intelligent basis of the entire footpad. The construction perfectly adapts to the shape of our boards and does not interfere with the flex characteristics.


Together with the NTT ContactPad, the NTT SplitStrap forms probably the most functional footpad system on the market. The revolutionary split function offers the choice between maximum grip and optimum mobility: Bombproof grip & more Control By moving the StrapBuckles backwards or forward, the split opens or closes. The further you open the split, the greater the contact surface that wraps around your foot. Bombproof grip and more control over your board are a direct result. Optimum mobility The more you close the split, the more range of motion you get. The SplitStrap comes with all-over padding and the width adjustment makes sure that the NTT SplitStrap wraps tightly around any shape of foot. Achieving a great fit with neoprene booties, is no longer a problem neither. The procedure is dead easy and only takes a few seconds.

NTT ContactPad (pair) and NTT SplitStrap (pair), North Grab Handle, NTT StrapBuckles, washers and screws.

NTT – Size Table Recommendation
Entitiy Combo S / M US (M) 5–10 Entity Combo L / XL US (M) 8–13