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2014 North Trust Quad Bar

$450.00 — $550.00

$337.50 — $412.50

You save $112.50 — $137.50 (25%)!

The North Trust Bar has made a name for itself in the kitesurfing industry and amongst the riders; it stands for unmatched safety and reliability. In 2014 the bar has been tweaked to perfection to achieve the best riding comfort possible; nonetheless it provides the rider with a unique control system that has safety rooted at its core.

The Chicken Loop and Chicken Dick have been refined for 2014, the moulded construction, is softer to offer more comfort and easy reassembling. This new construction is warp resistant and dimensionally stable.

The Iron Heart from North Kiteboarding has long been the benchmark for all safety systems and we are continuously aiming to further improve this essential piece of safety equipment. It is renowned for a fast, safe and easy release, coupled with the ability to quickly reassemble the unit and continue flying.

The Winding Posts are made of a fully moulded fibreglass reinforced Polyamide construction, which offers an incredibly lightweight solution with increased stiffness, and feature an integrated backline adjustment, which allows the rider to trim the rear lines when needed.

North has reworked the Flip-Flop function, which is a lot easier to operate now. It allows you to switch between a 53cm and 46cm bar width (M/L bar) and 49 cm and 42cm bar width (S/M bar) with just one click.

The new exchangeable insert for the centre hole is made of plastic, to reduce wear on the depower line. The material we use is resistant to abrasion, and will cause much less damage, if sand is present, to the line itself.

  • EVA cushioned winding post with flip-flop function for easy width adjustment
  • Integrated backline adjuster
  • Fully integrated EVA floater
  • Exchangeable plastic center hole insert
  • New molded EVA floater for safety leash