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2014 North Woohoo



You save $244.99 (25%)!

Whilst there is no doubt that the girls can rip just as hard as the guys, they do need a board that is designed for them. Smaller stances, lighter weight and better looking were just some of the aspects that were considered when the Woohoo was designed! The board is based around the exceedingly popular Wam, but has been scaled down to make it easier for smaller riders to control in a variety of conditions. The Woohoo is a fantastic all round wave machine, with a feminine touch of class.

Sky Solbach: “So many girls have trouble finding a board that really suits them. They often end up riding guys boards that are too big for them, have a wide stance and simply don’t fit them. I developed the Woohoo especially for female riders. The Woohoo is essentially a scaled down version of the Wam, but with slightly more curve in the tail to loosen it up for lighter riders.”

  • Performance all-rounder for women
  • Tri / quad fin option
  • Squash tail
  • Bamboo tech
  • Cork shock absorber


5’6″ x 17 1/2″ x 1 15/16″ 19.4L 40–65 TS-S+QUAD SET


Surfboards do not include straps or front deck pads Surfboards include fins and rear deck pad only