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2014 Ozone Reo

$1,030.00 — $1,910.00

Wave Riding Freedom

The Reo is a very unique kite in our line up, designed specifically for  wave riding with true surfing at it’s heart. Since first introducing the  Reo we have had nothing other than positive feedback and it has become  the iconic surf kite.

Behind the scenes we have been continually developing this model looking  to improve it’s overall performance for wave riding. We believe in  freedom on the wave to take us closer to a true surfing experience. To  achieve this we have to combine many aspects of kite design to develop a  kite that has huge depower, smooth fast direct handling, float when  slack lined and perfect drift for down the line and onshore riding.

The modifications to the new Reo have allowed us to improve stability  and float, whilst maintaining controlled depower capabilities, this  allows the rider to depower to the point where surfing is closer to  reality rather than being powered along a wave. The root chord has been  slightly increased delivering consistent power to get around sections in  the wave, whilst easily floating down the line when need be. With fast  direct handling and improved low end the Reo allows the rider to  maximise power in onshore conditions when the wave can ‘push’ downwind.

Hooked or un-hooked the Reo performs to any given task in the waves. For  unhooked riding simply trim in slightly with the de-power cleat and the  Reo will sit and fly perfectly, floating with the rider making it  easier to line up that next section.

Another key aspect when building a kite specific for wave riding is the  strength to weight ratio. As with all our kites we use top of the line  materials and combined with our very own factory quality is second to  none. The Reo is designed tough without the need of unnecessary cosmetic  items which only add weight and drag which reduces performance.

New sizes complete the Reo line up offering more selection for those  critical rider preferences. Power to size ratios have been refined and  we now have more power per size. For example a rider enjoying the  original 8m would now feel similarly powered on the new 7m. Be sure to  take a test ride on the new Reo, here at Ozone we think all will be  stoked with the performance and capabilities allowing you to push your  wave riding to the next level.