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Airush Slayer blemished



You save $230.00 (20%)!

The all new Slayer introduces the concept of directional freestyle for the light wind & flat water enthusiast.  The unique step bottom hull provides an incredibly stable platform to launch from, while the straked nose locks the board in through the turns.  This is coupled with a compact outline to enhance the agility in the air and through the turns. 


165 x 60cm (5’5 x 23.5″)

Key Features:

Unique step bottom creates a dual planing surface.  This step bottom hull efectively provides rocker without rocker – the holy grail of efficiency and the ability to go around corners and sit high on the water without drag associated by high rocker lines.

The step bottom also brings a neutral feel between the front and back foot making this board a super solid platform for strapless riding and manoeuvre initiation ie fooling about & having a blast in light winds.