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Black Project FreeWAVE Fin

$120.00 — $137.00

The FreeWAVE windsurfing fin combines the maneuverability of a wave fin with the power of a freeride fin. It is a blend that is ideal for bigger wave boards, on-shore conditions and bigger riders who need more power. This fin excels in bump-and-jump where it accelerates to send you skyward off the smallest of chop. Maximize your fun on a marginal day with the FreeWAVE!

  • Maximum performance: All points of sail, high manouverability
  • Moderate rake with well swept tip for board control, lift and maneuverability
  • Extremely spin-out resistant
  • Available in Powerbox or Standard Wave Base
  • Solid G-10 base
  • Threaded brass insert on Powerbox