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F-One Manawa

$1,499.00 — $1,599.00

$1,274.15 — $1,359.15

You save $224.85 — $239.85 (15%)!



MANAWA 8’6: The 8’6″ is the board for smaller riders under 70 kg or experienced riders who want a “short board feeling”. With his 8’6″ by 30.5″ its volume remains reasonable, is versatile and will perform in all conditions. Suitable for all types of waves, it offers great stability for its size, even in marginal conditions. Fast, it can be radical even on less powerful beach break. It will not be a second board, this will be your main board.

Fin Set Up: 2 + 1
1 F-one Central fin 8′
2 x Future fins

Size: 8’6 x 30.5”
Length : 8’6”
Width : 30.5”
Thickness : 10.4 cm
Volume : 121



MANAWA 9’0The 9′ model is the most versatile of the range, for those who want a compact but accessible board.Stable at 31″ wide, but radically responsive thanks to its length 9″ , you will progress quickly. Its rather round outline allows for smooth turns and cut backs and keep your stance without the need to move too much on the board. Fast and efficient during take-off, it maintains its speed for surfing the wave as long as possible. Its moderate thickness allows to keep control in the surf and passing white water without difficulty.

Fin Set Up:
2 + 1
1 F-one Central fin 8′
2 x Future fins

Size: 9’0 x 31”
Length : 9′
Width : 31”
Thickness : 10.4 cm
Volume :131 l



F One SUP MANAWA 10’0″

MANAWA 10’0: The 10′ x 32″ (Bamboo deck) is for riders over 80kg looking for an easy and fun board, ideal for the first surfs or for cruising. It is particularly effective during take off and as a result you can catch a maximum of waves, even without being a paddle expert Its ratio length/width makes it a fun and forgiving board to play with for its size. Its moderate thickness allows to keep it under control as soon as you gain speed but also to pass white water easily. It can be shared by the whole family

Fin Set Up: 2 + 1
1 Central F-one 9.5′
2 x Future Fins

Size: 10′ x 32”
Length : 10′
Width : 32”
Thickness : 10.4 cm
Volume :156 l