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North S Type

$696.97 — $856.49

Following the extremely successful WARP F2012 the compact shape has been taken over, but with a slightly longer CROSS.BATTEN.

This results in greater comfort and control during acceleration and in overpowered conditions, because the longer CROSS.BATTEN flexes off more. The steeper top batten, which provides a better connection to the top of the sail, results in a more active twist. This leads to quicker acceleration and an expanded wind range. These and many other details secure that the S_TYPE combines planing with impressive performance and incredible speed. Better than any other sail – without any disadvantages in control or handling!

Another reason for the huge range of use is the medium-sized CONICAL.AERO.SLEEVE.DESIGN mast sleeve. This represents the ideal compromise between optimum propulsion and comfortable waterstart behavior. Regardless whether at high speed or simply cruising and jibing, the S_TYPE has many faces – the perfect universal performer.

As to its durability: Apart from legendary features such as DOUBLE.SEAM and DURATECH.FOOT, we added a seam protector to the CROSS.BATTEN to prevent chafing. Simply ingenious: All S_TYPE sizes work with one mast length

Key Features:
•    NEW: Steeper top batten for more power and better twist, greater acceleration and wider wind range
•     iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective moulded mast protector
•    HYPER.CAM – the first hard camber that rotates like a soft cam
•     MINIMUM.MAST.CONCEPT: one mast (460-25) fits all sizes
•     SWITCH.CAM.OPTION 3/2: 3 cams for max. performance – 2 cams for improved handling