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North Soul Wave/Style

$680.96 — $722.06

With the unconventional concept of the SOUL, designer Kai Hopf is treading in new grounds. In search of the easygoing early-planer, which offers enough stability when crossing the white water even in sub-planing conditions, only to shine with great handling when going down-the-line.

When reflecting on the Soul Kai describes the smooth characteristics of the power delivery being similar to being in control of a throttle on an engine. With the real soul surfer in mind, he said goodbye to high-performance, high-tension/loose-leech sails, which offer extreme performance and great high-end control, but at the same time are very nervous and “sensitive”. The new sail wasn’t designed to reach maximum speed, but instead fun sessions, even in lousy conditions.

With the SOUL Kai Hopf managed a direct hit, exactly meeting the criteria. The relatively tight leech in combination with the light batten design and the more forward draft position gives the sailor a lot of feedback even when bobbing around.

Thanks to the softer Dacron luff you always feel how much power is available and how to use it in the best way. The backhand controls the smooth transition from acceleration to reducing the propulsion and vice versa, which uses the wide range of “throttle positions”, this in particular makes riding the wave incredibly easy.

Rarely playing in the waves, but also classic freestyle, in changing conditions has been so much fun: The brand new SOUL transforms Windsurfing into real Soul Surfing, promised!

By the way, the SOUL is also perfectly compatible with all SUPs with a mast track!

Key Features:
•    Maximum planing power thanks to tight leech
•    Very luff-able due to elastic Dacron luff panel
•     Further draft back position for adjustable power through the backhand
•    iBUMPER, the most advanced and effective molded mast protector
•    Extremely sturdy, unbreakable epoxy battens
•    Top performance with both RDM as well as SDM masts