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North Warp 14

$958.15 — $1,188.63

1. Top-speed: 25%
2. Wind-range: 25%
3. Non-physical to sail: 20%
4. Low-end power + acceleration after start and jibes: 20%
5. Handling + rotation: 10%

1. Low-end power + acceleration after start and jibes: 40%
2. Wind-range: 20%
3. Non-physical to sail: 20%
4. Handling + rotation: 10%
5. Top-speed: 10%

1. Our PROGRESSIVE.LOOSE.LEECH design (in contrary to some competitor sails on our sails the looseness increases towards the top) helps to “release” power-peaks off the top (through a quite open/loose top)

2. The larger WARP F2014 sizes use shorter (= softer) masts than last year (see below). This increases the flexibility of the larger sizes making the extra lift/power easier to handle.

Another thing to improve was how physical the large sizes are to sail. The 7-batten-design makes our WARP the lightest film Slalom sails on the circuit. On the other hand the large sizes are still a bit stiffer than the best competitor sails.

To make the sails become more flexible Kai and his team decided to go for shorter (= softer) masts for the larger sizes. Now 7.0 and 7.8 are designed on the 460 mast whereas all bigger sizes (8.6 up to 9.6) go onto the 490.
Key Features:
•    NEW: SIZESPECIFIC.DESIGN: each size is individually designed as small PWA Slalom sails have totally different requirements than the larger sizes.
•    NEW: LUFF.LIFT.DESIGN (7.0 and up): increased profile in the upper luff area increases the lift making for radically improved low-end power and acceleration.
•    NEW: PROGRESSIVE.LOOSE.LEECH: power-peaks can twist off the top as the looseness progressively increases towards the top.
•    NEW: Shorter/softer masts (7.8 and up): increases the flexibility of the larger sizes making the extra lift/power easier to handle. Plus makes these sizes less physical to sail.
•    (ATTENTION: to ensure maximum performance we have reworked the curve of the PLATINUM 490 mast. Means sizes 8.6, 9.2 and 9.6 NEED to be combined with the new PLATINUM 490 mast! All other mast lengths remain unchanged).
•    The 7.BATTEN.DESIGN makes it the lightest racing film sail on the market
•    MODERATE.CUTAWAY.CLEW Reduced “blow-out” effect for increased power and direct acceleration.
•    INSTANT.ROTATION: much faster acceleration after shifting through HYPER.CAMS and modified batten profiles
•    Continued weight reduction due to minimalized MINI.PROTECTOR and super light iROCKET batten tensioners
•    INDEPENDENT.SHAPING.CONCEPT improves rotation, control and acceleration
•    NEW: 4.7 Speed: dedicated speed sail design design for dead downwind courses, tested by Erik Beale.