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Ohana 12’6 TR



You save $276.00 (15%)!


Ohana developed the 12-6 TR (Touring/Race) to be an all around board for any level of paddler who may want to paddle for pleasure or decide to race in it’s class and be competitive. The cutting nose entry and stable rail and bottom contours make this shape perform extremely well in rough and windy conditions into the wind, down wind and mixed swells. In flat water conditions the 12-6 TR has a smooth entry and great tail release.

The 12-6 TR is constructed with 1 pound EPS foam, epoxy resins over 2 layers fiberglass top and bottom with another layer within the console area. Deck is gloss and polish with a sanded bottom finish. Shape includes a domed deck to repel water over the top surface and a flat console for foot placement. Console runs out the tail to remove any water which may wash onto the deck area.

The Ohana 12’6 TR is fast, elegant, quiet, light, and maneuverable. It is one of our favorite recreational race boards that we have tested!


Height: 12’6″
Width: 28″
Thickness: 6″
Fins Included: Single Box, 9″ Box Fin


Liters: n/a