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Sawyer Mana U-Cut 88″

$299.99 — $349.99

Mana SUP Paddle

The Sawyer Mana SUP is a strong, ultra-light paddle that is finely tuned to the discriminating Stand Up fanatic. Features a tubular carbon fiber shaft and fiberglass reinforced blades in a variety of profiles to meet your paddling style and preferences.


  • Carbon fiber SUP paddle
  • 11° bent shaft
  • Laminated wood blades reinforced with fiberglass. Available in 3 profiles:
    • Kai (8.5″ W x 18″ L)L) Eco-conscious Bamboo in a universal teardrop shape for a great all around blade.
    • Rip 90 (7.5″ W x 17″ L) Fan profile with a dual scoop/dihedral powerface for powerful, clean strokes.
    • Rip 100 (8″ W x 18″ L) Similar profile as the Rip 90 with a little more surface area for stronger, faster paddlers.
  • Dynel ToughEdge
  • Curled Palm Grip